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Impact of EGYM

Member success is gym success: That is why we develop fitness technology with your gym-goer in mind and your gym at heart. Whether you are a non-profit facility or a boutique gym – we combine all our hard- and software into powerful solutions that tackle your specific business challenges and are tailored around your unique member profiles.

EGYM Workouts: Connected Training for Real People.

Successful gyms are built with successful members: EGYM Workouts offers your members the latest generation of smart strength equipment and deep integration with leading cardio manufacturers worldwide, turning your fitness facility into a place where everyone feels invited to achieve real training success.

Smart Strength

Our 18 EGYM Smart Strength machines offer customers an interactive and personalized training experience fully integrated with our digital products. Workouts are automatically tailored to your members and our machines adapt to their bodies when they sign in.

Smart Cardio

EGYM Smart Cardio enables your members to continue their fitness journey on numerous connected 3rd-party cardio machines that are fully integrated with our digital and workout solutions. Regular cardio tests help create guided cardio exercises that sync seamlessly with your other EGYM hard- and software.

Smart Guidance

Follow the Curve.

EGYM Smart Strength machines guide your members through their workout by gamifying the entire workout experience. After checking in on their machine with an RFID-band, all they need to do is guide the ball through our training curve, collecting points along the way. Our guidance curve ensures correct execution and timing of every exercise performed, keeping members on track to reaching their goals safely.

EGYM Cloud

In the gym and on-the-go, the EGYM Cloud is our platform for tracking member activity and delivering fully personalized fitness prescriptions to enable a truly connected training experience. The EGYM cloud connects the training success of your members and pushes them into our suite of mobile applications.

Body Analyzer

EGYM Smart Strength

EGYM Smart Cardio

Partner Apps, Wearables & Gadgets

Studio Software

EGYM Digital: Creating Smarter Connections.

EGYM Digital connects all your members' fitness activity in one place – the EGYM Cloud. Whether they're using our Smart Strength equipment, working out on a connected cardio machine, or tracking a backcountry hike on their wearable, EGYM Digital solutions combine and visualize all activity into engaging and motivating insights for members and trainers alike. Outside of improving member care, owners and operators can use powerful automation features to increase their efficiency and ensure that staff is focused on building relationships – and not occupied with labor-intensive, manual work.

EGYM Trainer

Connective. Intuitive. Empowering. With the fully overhauled EGYM Trainer app, it just became that much easier for your trainers to guide and improve their member workouts. Save time organizing and focus on the essentials: improving your member care!


  • The productivity tool for a more efficient training experience.
  • Provides you with a 360-degree view of your member activity.
  • Derive real training insights from your member activity
  • Take your member care to the next level with truly personalized workout plans.

Branded Member App

Your Studio. Your Design. Your Followers: With the new EGYM Branded Member App, you can now represent your gym brand to the world with a unified and powerful mobile touchpoint. The design and layout of the app can be fully customized to your requirements and matched with your corporate identity. Leverage powerful marketing and communication features that will take your member engagement to the next level!


  • The core mobile touchpoint for all your members.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by engaging members away from the gym.
  • Offer a fully connected customer experience that keeps members motivated.
  • Use automated, digital processes to fuel the growth of your gym.

Ready for the future of fitness technology?

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The EGYM Fitness Hub is the centerpiece of your connected training floor. Members can easily onboard to EGYM, track progress towards their health goals with recurring assessments, and receive guidance that keeps them focused and motivated.

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